The articles in this section have been produced by students of the Rome campus of the
Lorenzo de' Medici
study abroad intstitute, as part of their Rome Sketchbook course.

Student projects


Spring 2016

Water in Rome by Ying Chen

Obelisks by Chenqu Jiang

Il Foro Italico by Austin Ramos

Imperial Busts by Montana Gramer

Il Vittoriano by Brannon Jordan

Wings by Rebecca Clayman

Spring 2015

Papal Crests by Chrissy McLean

Rione Sant'Angelo by Sylvie Choiniere

The Obelisks of Rome by Marielle Garnier

Fall 2014

The Veneration of Martyrs by Emma Garfield

Symbols of Power and Transition by Ian Weller

The Orientation of Churches and Temples by Bridget Fleming

Sacred Numbers by Ethan Walpole

Spring 2014

Symbolic Creatures by Mackenzie Gable

Ancient to Christian Rome by Ashley Girone

Family Crests by Mackenzee Mann

Baldachins & Ciboria by Madison Moore

Saint Agnes by Stephanie Vangellow

Autumn 2013

The Chigi Family Crest by Spencer Cohen

Roma Recycled by Hannah Chanatry

Spring 2013

Propaganda in Roman Art by Alana Yee

Symbolic Animals by Justine Stewart

Attributes by Amelie Amblard

Ad Orientem by Marcus Meler

Toga by Brianne Baffoe

Bernini's Rome by Emily Hale

Women in Rome by Molly Hellmuth

Autumn 2012

The Holy Spirit by Maite Garzon

The importance of witnesses by Jamiah Mootry

July 2012

Shapes in Rome by Chelsea Gradoville

Relics of Rome by Amanda Simmonds

Unclothing the Clothed by Deanna Ferrara

Missing Pieces by Charlotte Adlam

Spring 2012

Columns and Trees by James Shine

Dialogue of Ages by Amanda McCracken

Circles and Squares by Nicole Powell

The Evolution of the Basilica by Cecilia Lightbourn

The Holy Entourage by Christi Fonfara

Horses by Liese Piper

Ancient Fonts by Sarah Bassett

Arches and Domes by Arianna Gomez

Autumn 2011

The East by Lisa Huffman

The Stuff of Saints by Andrew King

The Evolution of Victory by Danielle Ferrara

Spring 2011

Arches and Columns by Courtney Meek

Constantine Crossover by Kelsey Fitzgerald

Crosses and Belltowers by Ashley Rossey

The Dove and the Keys by Erin Pawlik

The Converted Emperor by Danielle Gibbs

Mobile Temples by Andrea Valle

The Language of Decoration by Erica Grimes

People in Power by Jorgi Paul

The Symbolism of Plants by Daniel Brady

The Stones of the Pantheon by Yolanda Chapa Zambrano

Latin Inscriptions by Alejandra Cavazos

Spring 2008

The Circle by Elaine Tyndall