Monument to Victor Emanuel. Pen on paper.
The Altar of the Fatherland
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Dedication: The first king of reunified Italy
Until the middle of the 1800s the italian peninsula was made up of a series of small independent states, mostly under the influence of various European powers. A unification movement grew and attatched itself to the King of Sardinia and Piedmont, Victor Emanuel II. While the armies of the king defeated the Austrian occupiers, the famed military leader Garibaldi led improvised armies that overran the Spanish royal families in the south, and in 1861 an embryonic state of Italy was declared. In 1870, after a long stand-off, Garibaldi and his troops defeated the Pope's armies and entered Rome. The following year Rome became the capital of a unified Italy. The monument in Piazza Venezia is an intentionally colossal declaration of nationhood.