The Moses Fountain.
The Moses Fountain
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Function: a water conduit for the surrounding area
Built: 1587
The Fountain
Felice Peretti became Pope Sixtus V in 1585. He owned extensive properties in this area, close to what is now Piazza Vittorio Emanuele. Becoming Pope meant that Peretti could initiate any urban rebuilding scheme he chose. He had an acqueduct built to bring water into Rome from sources 24km away. The water was carried to this fountain from where it was fed through pipes to public drinking and washing fountains and (some) local homes. The pope declares his generosity to the people in the inscription above the fountain, and with the sculpted decorations compares himself to Moses, who provided water in the desert for the Israelites. with the added bonus that he now had an abundant supply of water for his private palazzo and the fountains of his gardens nearby.