Chiesa del Gesu, facade. Pen on paper. The Altar of Saint Ignazio Loyola. Pen on paper.
La Chiesa del Gesú
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Dedication: The Holy Name of Jesus
Built: 1584
Relics: bodies of Saints Ignatius Loyola and Francis Xavier
Chapel of Saint Ignatius
A piece of authentic baroque theatricality survives to this day in the Saint Ignatius chapel of the church of il Gesù. The chapel is one of the most ornately decorated in the whole of Rome, with gold, silver and lapis lazuli adorning a monumental structure covered with statues and ornately carved decoration. at the centre of the chapel is a canvas depicting the arrival in Heaven of the Saint, but the theatre begins at sundown each day, when music begins to play, floodlights light up the chapel, and the canvas slowly slides away to reveal a large silver statue of Saint Ignatius.