The Colosseum.
The Colosseum
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aka: Flavian Amphitheatre
built: 80ad
capacity: 50,000
The Flavian Ampitheatre
Sports, entertaintment, abundance and military power are the ingredients for a contented and loyal populace. In the 70s ad, the first imperial dynasty, the Julio-Claudians, were no more. After a period of chaos a new Flavian dynasty took power, led by the Vespasian and his son Titus. The Flavians understood that dynastic legitimacy was fundamental to stability, and popularity legitimates. They had just proved the might of Rome by devastatingly defeating the Jewish rebellion and returning to Rome with the spoils. Now they decided to build a structure which would transform the lives of the Romans. The Colosseum, the Flavian amphitheatre, would offer the biggest, most expensive and technologically advanced entertainment that the world had ever seen.